Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yahoo, Google and Chrysler: How the Internet is Changing Advertising and Marketing

1)     Why are companies like Chrysler now looking more favorably at the Internet as a greater medium for their advertising dollars? What has happened to change their view?

With the development of telecommunications and Internet, it is truly global and its impact is massive. As presented in the case an American spends more than 30% of his/her time in internet. Internet has taken the time of television and other Medias. Case says that 63 % in a survey said that internet is a brand building tool and almost every portion of American household is connected with internet and also there is 50 % growth in internet users. It also talks about huge flow of dollars in online advertising in recent years.

Depending on paper media and television which is almost half century old and following the same path of advertising since so long has been very monotonous. Probably Chrysler is looking more favorable at internet as a greater medium for their advertising dollars because surveys and studies shows how efficient it is to use internet and how people below to read all.

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